To remember and pay tributes to our martyrs the Embassy of Pakistan in Brussels has organized an exhibition of pictures of Shuhadaa of Pakistan. The exhibition is comprised of pencil sketches by an Antwerp based Pakistani Artist Mr. Tajammul Hussain and posters developed by the embassy on the theme ‘Hamey Piyar Hey Pakistan Sey’ (we love Pakistan), comprising of pictures of both military and civilian martyrs. The exhibition is open to public during the office hours and it will continue for one week.
6th September is celebrated as Defence Day to commemorate Pakistan’s victory in 1965 war with India. This year the day has been designated to all the Shuhadaa of Pakistan as ‘Yaum-e-Shuhadaa’ with a view to remind nation of the huge sacrifices of Pakistan in the war on terrorism. During the last 2 decades more than 60 thousand civilians and over 10 thousand army personnel have lost their lives. Particularly the incidents like massacre of more than 150 children and staff members of Army Public School on 16th December 2014 have left deep scars on the memory of nation.
To express love for Pakistan and give recognition and respect to our martyrs, their pictures are being displayed in all the public places. Pictures with theme song are being shown on all the TV channels in Pakistan and the entire nation is paying homage to those who lost their lives for the sake of country.