Embassy of Pakistan


In commemoration of “Kashmir Black Day” a Seminar was organized at the Embassy of Pakistan, Brussels

To observe Kashmir Black Day 2023, a Seminar was organized at the Embassy of Pakistan, Brussels. Participants included members of Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora, think tanks and journalists from print and electronic media.

A video highlighting the significance of Kashmir Black Day and the atrocities perpetrated by the Indian security forces was screened at the start followed by the speeches of Ms. Shaista Safi and Mr. Muzammil Ayub Thakur. Both the speakers shared their story of exile, agony and mental torment. They shared with the audiences the firsthand narration and testimonies of the victims of the brutal Indian occupation regime in the IIOJK. Lamenting the criminal silence of the international community in the face of Kashmir’s annihilation through crimes against humanity and genocide, and reiterated their firm stance to continue struggling for the right of self-determination according to the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, in a special video message for the seminar, expressed that the Indian illegal occupation of Kashmir was now being followed by illegal annexation of Kashmir which had been denounced not only by the people of Kashmir and Pakistan but all civilized humanity because it was contrary to the United Nation’s charter and all norms of international law. He highlighted the brutal atrocities being committed by the Indian security forces and called for world community to speak up on the issue of Human Rights and the right to self determination of the people of IIOJK.

Messages of the President, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan on the occasion were also conveyed to the audience by Ambassador Amna Baloch, Deputy Head of Mission Faraz Zaidi and Minister (Customs) Asad Rizvi, respectively.

27 of October is observed the world over as Kashmir Black Day. 76 years ago, on this day, India forcibly took over control of the State of Jammu and Kashmir without any legal justification. Since then, India has unleashed a reign of terror on unarmed and innocent Kashmiris, who are striving for their right of self-determination.

October 27, 2023