(FC070321-88082054 & ISO 070321-88082262)

Whether SRO 599(I)/1993 dated July 17, 1993 has been rescinded or still in field. And The import of cars/vehicles under personal baggage, transfer of residence and gift schemes is regulated under Paragraph 16 of the Import Policy Order, 2020 read with Appendix-E thereto. Thus, the SRO 599/1993 does not govern the import of vehicles.
Whether the gift undertaking form (Annex-II) to the SRO 599/1993 is required to be furnished by the importer or otherwise. As per Paragraph 4(2) of Appendix-E IPO, the procedure for import of a car under gift scheme requires that an importer, for clearance of imported vehicle, has to file following documents along-with Goods Declaration: NIC of done;Purchase receipt;Bill of Loading (showing name and address of consignee);Attested photocopy of passport or Pakistan Origin Card. As such, under the IPO in vogue, there is no condition of filing a Gift Undertaking, except attested copies of the passport or Pakistan Origin Cad of the donor.

It is clarified that in addition to complying with the conditions and procedural requirements contained in Appendix-E of the Import Policy Order in vogue, for import clearance of a car/vehicle imported under gift scheme, the importer/done shall file attested copies of relevant arrival/departure pages of Pakistani Passport of the donor, attested by an authorized officer of the relevant Pakistani Mission abroad, clearly showing his 700 days stay abroad during the last three years; and in case of dual national or foreign national of Indo-Pakistan origin having travel history on a foreign passport only, the attested copy of NICOP/POC and relevant arrival/departure pages of the Passport, attested by an authorized officer of the relevant Pakistani Mission abroad, showing 7000 das stay outside of Pakistan during the last three years.